CDxports and CDxjobs

The Trade Partnership offers two trade data series: CDxports, which estimates U.S. goods and services exports by state and congressional district, and CDxjobs, which estimates jobs directly and indirectly related to those exports.

CDxports is a first-of-its-kind database that estimates U.S. goods and services exports from states and congressional districts; CDxjobs estimates the jobs directly and indirectly supported by those exports.

CDxports reports merchandise export estimates for more than 100 industries to 230 countries as well as services export estimates for more than 40 sectors to over 70 countries and regions for which the U.S. government publishes national export data. It is the only available source for state exports of services and congressional district exports of goods and services.

A variety of organizations have used CDxports data to:

  • Demonstrate the importance of selected countries and regions to U.S. exporters and workers;
  • Report the value of exports from selected U.S. industries;
  • Advocate for specific trade initiatives such as free trade agreements, and
  • Explain the importance to a given U.S. region of engaging in the global economy.


The Business Council of Canada created an interactive map with data from CDxports, summarizing goods and services exports to Canada by specific congressional districts.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 10.59.45 AM

The Trade Partnership prepared one page profiles of congressional districts for the US-China Business Council using data from CDxports and CDxjobs.

The East West Center utilized data from CDxports and CDxjobs, creating infographics detailing goods and services exported to India, and the jobs supported by such trade.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 3.02.08 PM


Overview of all CDxports and CDxjobs 2021 databases (PDF)                                                    Methodology of all CDxports and CDxjobs databases (PDF)
List of merchandise categories for CDxports and CDxjobs (PDF)
List of services sector categories for CDxports and CDxjobs (PDF)
List of services destinations for CDxports and CDxjobs (PDF)

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