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 our office in Washington, DC, offers locally-based consulting services and research that combine economic analysis with public and legislative outreach.






Technology CEO Council Report on U.S. ICT Exports Released (2014). The Technology CEO Council released a new study by The Trade Partnership detailing the importance of high-tech hardware, software, and services exports to U.S. states and congressional districts. Drawing on the CDxports database, Exports for American ICT Companies and Workers is the first and only report on high-tech exports to include either congressional district or services data. More information about our CDxports data is available here, and the original report can be downloaded here.

2012 CDxports Services Data Now Available (2014). The Trade Partnership's CDxports database, which estimates U.S. goods and services exports by state and congressional district, has been updated to include 2012 services data. More information about CDxports data is available here.

Today More than Ever: Oregon and Portland/Vancouver Depend on International Trade and Investment (2013). The Portland Business Alliance and Value of Jobs Coalition released a new study completed by The Trade Partnership on the importance of trade to Oregon and the Portland metro area. An earlier version of this report was part of a communications campaign that won a grand award from the American Chamber of Commerce executives. A summary can be accessed here and the original report can be downloaded here.


TPP: Every State's Opportunity (2013). For the latest addition to the Trade Benefits America site, the Trade Partnership created state-specific reports on the benefits of trade with Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries. The site may be accessed here and a sample state report may be found here.


Trade Supports Jobs (2013). Using the latest data from The Trade Partnership's CDx database, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce updated its Trade Supports Jobs website, which details the economic benefits of trade at the state and congressional district levels. The site has also incorporates services data for the first time!


Trade Benefits America (2013). This brand new site outlines the benefits of trade using state level data provided by The Trade Partnership and pushes for the passage of the Trade Promotion Authority in order to facilitate future trade deals. The site may be accessed here and a sample state report may be found here.